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Wills & Estates

Grandparents with grandchild
Cowan Law provides our GTA clients with basic estate planning, administration and will-drafting for simple to medium-sized estates, as well as powers of attorney for finance and health care.

You can turn to us for the following concerns in this area of law:

  • Appointing primary and secondary executors
  • Choosing appropriate guardians for children
  • Legitimately removing assets from the ‘estate pool’ to reduce probate fees
  • Planning funeral arrangements
  • Discussion concerning charitable giving
  • Appointing powers of attorney (not necessarily your closest partner)
  • Providing for loved ones in their lifetime
  • Disposing of assets
  • Specific cash bequests to individuals
  • Providing individual items to people

Beneficiary List
Clients often wish to give specific items to individuals when they have passed away. Generally, for non-financial gifts of smaller value (this is a relative term), the solicitor will attach a ‘wish list’ that is to be referenced in the will or of which the executor is fully aware of.

Powers of Attorney
In Ontario, powers of attorney provide for health care decisions and financial management by a trusted and chosen loved one or advisor while a person who is living cannot make those decisions. You can designate as much or as little power as you wish to your ‘attorney’.

Estate Administration
Cowan Law provides estate administration services for clients. Often, when a loved one passes away, the executor is unable to deal effectively with the settlement of the estate. Your legal practitioner at Cowan Law will look after filings and provide probate services for you. The main objective is to make the process as smooth and painless as possible for the executor and the beneficiaries.

Cowan Law also provides services for drafting powers of attorney for health and for property. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the legal services we provide.